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Wire EDM Costs

Wire EDM machine technology has progressed rapidly in recent times and a strategic investment in the technology can greatly enhance the accuracies and surface finishes, reducing cycle times.

The EDM machines are available in different brands with varying capacities and features. Often, investing in a wire EDM requires a huge capital and the cost varies. All leading companies in wire EDM manufacturing business have their websites. These websites provide detailed information of the different wire EDM machines manufactured by the companies. The prices can be accessed, by making an online request for a catalogue. A catalogue contains detailed information of the machines with the price and shipment details.

For a company with less capital, a used Wire EDM proves a convenient investment. Often used Wire EDM’s are available in all models and brands and at reasonable rates. A1996 model of a submerged auto threaded wire EDM, equipped with 27.62′ X-axis travel, 15,75′ Y-axis travel and 15.75′ Z-axis travel, would cost around $24,500.

A1988 model of a wire EDM machine featuring 9.82′ X-axis travel, 5.89′ Y-axis travel and 4.71′ Z-axis travel, would cost around $22,000. A 1998 evolution 3- model wire EDM, equipped with 19.65′ X-axis travel, 13.75′ Y-axis travel and 9.82′ Z-axis travel, would cost around $ 50,000.

Wire EDM has played a crucial role in growth of the manufacturing sector. The technology has been greatly improvised for attaining higher efficiency and to reduce the operational costs. The latest wire EDM’s are incredibly capable, but are approaching their practical limits in speed, accuracy and finish, reducing the scope of further improvisation. Many mold makers are opting for advanced machines such as the twin wire EDM machines because though these machines are costly, they are extremely efficient and very cost effective. They have enhanced the process of metal cutting and designing.

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