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Bear Grylls is a die hard adventure fan whose real name is Edward Michael Grylls and is highly professional in black belt in Shotokan Karate holding a black belt in this sport. This die hard lover has been involved in numerous of satellite TV adventurous sports activates. Bear Grylls has scaled the highest peak of the earth, Mount Everest.

He also served in British Army in Special Forces and became the youngest Englishman to return back alive after scaling Mount Ama Dablan and Mount Everest. Bear Grylls has also faced the intense heat of the Moab Desert of Utah. He also survived from a free fall parachuting event which literally broke his backbone. Bear Grylls also survived robust climatic conditions in all the seven continents of the earth.

One might be astonished that this extraordinary hero can survive the dense wild by eating rats, carcass of a dead zebra, drinking water from the belly of a dead camel and also drinking water from an elephant's crap. Not only this he has also made a living house from coupling bamboos and dry twigs and even rode to the rugged waves by making a hand made craft.

Behind The Scenes of Man vs. Wild

In this dish TV satellite show Bear Grylls is left all alone in the wild which consists of intense desert areas or extremely colder areas such as the Siberia. The shooting takes place in such climatic areas and the anchor as to spend a night in these places.

Before the actual shooting takes place, Bear Grylls has to explore the region and under goes various briefing conditions and techniques of the areas that could take for nearly two days. A cameraman and a sound engineer accompany him during the filming of this exotic dish TV show.

A book on Man vs. Wild was also released in collaboration of Discovery Channel and Bear Grylls. The book went to air on 2008 which reads the survival tips on this popular TV show. You can catch the action live on Dish TV HD format.

About the Serial

The Man vs. Wild dish TV show features Bear Grylls who anchors the show and provides us adequate information related on strategies of survival in the wild. This show is of its first kind and as span into 46 episodes each consisting of 45 minutes. This dish TV show has been broadcasted on Discovery Channel in Britain and is also shown on Channel 4 in UK which is a popular package of the dish network. A popular British Television by the name of Diverse Bristol has produced this popular dish TV show.

Bear Grylls as also signed for the fourth season which will consists of thirteen episodes that will be produced by the same production house. This serial was originally telecasted on 27 October 2006 and still continues to pull audiences to watch this spectacular Discovery show.

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