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Why Every Guitarist Should Use Guitar Backing Tracks

Guitar backing tracks are essential armory that every lead guitarist should have. Without it, it would be extremely difficult to play solos or lead guitar.If you have moved from the basic stage into the advanced stage then it doesn’t mean that you are ready to play the solo or lead live on stage. There are many more aspects to playing a guitar solo and one of them is learning to play with guitar backing tracks.

The good thing is that you can purchase some of best professionally recorded guitar backing tracks from companies such as Planet of Rock. It will come for a cost depending on the track and the band. These are a must for all those who are dreaming of playing their own solo someday in the near future.

What it really does is that it replaces the need for a band playing the background. For example: if you want to practice your solo with a Eddie Van Halen or a Jimi Hendrix number, you don’t really need a bassist, drummer and rhythm guitarist. All you need is the guitar backing track for that specific number and you will be good to go. These tracks are perfect for a nice jam session when you are practicing without a band.

The reason why every guitarist should use guitar backing tracks is because they are options you can have for practicing advanced lead guitar techniques. This is a type of tool that will help you especially when you want to work on new licks or practice different type of scales like the blues scale, the pentatonic scales etc. You can even use them for rhythm guitar.

One of the important aspects of guitar backing tracks is that it will help you to improve your timing immensely. You will never go out of tune or end up playing the wrong scale. The reason why most guitarists in their advanced learning stage use these is because it helps them to prepare for live gigs.

Playing at a live gig is very different from playing in a studio. You will not have any room for mistakes as you will be playing right in front of an audience. So you will need to perfect your skills and the best way of doing that is by playing with guitar backing tracks. They are available for some of the top numbers in rock, metal, blues and alternative.

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