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Wes Craven Has My Soul To Take Horror Movie

We are really glad to see Wes Craven back in the director/writer seat again with My Soul To Take. The last time he did was in 1994’s New Nightmare, so hopefully the long break has got him rejuvenated and back to form.

Aside from the news of Scream 4, My Soul To Take will be coming out this Halloween right around with Saw 3D and Paranormal Activity 2 so it’ll be a crowded field this fall, but hopefully it’ll be a good one. The official plotline is pretty basic but we’ll see what Craven does with this one, especially since the studio will obviously promote the crap out of the fact that he’s back behind the script and director’s chair so no pressure there!

So here’s what it’s all about: In the sleepy tired ass idyllic town of Riverton (somewhere in the Midwest where weird stuff always seems to happen), local legend tells of a serial killer who vowed to return to murder the same seven children that were born the night he died. 16 years later, the townsfolk are disappearing again. Has the serial killer been reincarnated as one of the seven teenagers, or did he actually survive the night he was left for dead? Naturally, only one of the teenagers knows the real answer to this. This sounds so much like Sometimes They Come Back, Pumpkinhead and all the countless other ones.

Adam “Bug” Heller (Max Thierot) was said to have died on the bloody evening his dad went crazy. Adam is unaware of his dad’s horrifying crimes, he has been traumatized by nightmares since he was an infant. Now I don’t know if infants have dreams, but that’s interesting if they can remember them! Now, it’s all up to Adam to save his friends from this monster that has returned. Adam must face a monstrous evil that won’t rest until it finishes the job it started the day he was born. Yeah, we know this sounds like a bit of a crapfest, but hopefully Wes Craven will surprise us all. We can only hope.

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