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The Summer Of Love – Exploring The Sergeant Pepper Album

It Was 50 Years Ago …

When I first saw the cover of the Sergeant Pepper album, I was stunned. I loved the poster, and the fact that you now had all the words on the back cover so you could follow along. The Beatles were the first to do that!

What the Beatles created with Pepper, was more than the music. They reconnected us all to our creativity, our passion, our divine essence. They created our vision. You can't find it by analyzing the words as our logical minds are predisposed to doing. You may find it in the music if you let it take you away. Of course, it was a masterpiece. Of course, it changed the way we think of pop music and pop culture forever. With Pepper, the Beatles brought together the two elements and energies that we insist on keeping separate because of our deepest fears regarding our self-worth. They created a wholeness by combining the energies of form; their skills and talents as musicians with the energies of essence; intuition, joy, love, spontaneity.

What is more remarkable is that the Beatles prepared the world to accept Pepper by allowing us to reject ego defenses of judgment. With that suspension, it was seen and accepted for what it was; a remarkable creative endeavor. IF Pepper were released today, it would not be noticed. It doesn't conform. It doesn't meet with expectations. It liberates, it inspires. It is something to be experienced, not analyzed. It is within the boundaries of our fear that we create judgment and it is there that many a creative endeavor has met with death. Pepper was the renewal of ourselves as whole, creative beings. In that renewal, we became artists of our own creation. You may not find it in the words. It is in the symbol, the gesture of what was accomplished.

When a child is allowed to create without censor or judgment, he sees his masterpiece as part of himself. It is in the expression of ourselves from deep within that we learn to value ourselves in the world. That is what art is. It is not something that only a few special people can do with special talents. Art is our birthright. It is the expression of our deepest selves and like love, it is what we are. As John Lennon said; "We are all artists." In the summer of l967, we experienced the Summer Of Love, when we all became artists. Pepper was our trophy, our anthem.

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