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The Custom Metal Stamping Process

Today, manufacturing has embraced a wide range of advanced technologies that have enabled the reduction of turnaround time considerably. As a result, demand on the metal stamping industry has also increased as the components have to be made to be exactly suitable to the final product. This has made precision and custom metal stamping much more important in the manufacturing industry.

Custom metal stamping is the process of creating metal products according to the required sizes and shapes through a method called stamping. It involves the pressing or stamping of the metal in dies or press tools to give it the right shape. In custom metal stamping, the final products are made according to customer’s precise requirements and conditions. Custom metal stamping is used in various industries like construction, electrical, bearing, automotive, medical and janitorial, among others.

Metal stamping typically involves the normal process of metal stamping but with certain changes. These can be the change in the kind of metal to be used, changes in the size and shape of the final product, the need to produce many kinds of sizes and shapes, high quality of the tools used, the volume and the number of units to be produced, the kinds of presses required and the number of presses and dies required. Some producers are changing their processes to accommodate any volume, up to thousands of tons.

There are several challenges to be met by the custom metal stamping companies. These are producing a high quality product, designing new products or re-engineering existing products to suit customers’ needs while also meeting delivery requirements. The company has to be involved in every stage right from product design assistance to the final delivery. Additionally, the costs also have to be kept low even as the scope of offerings is increased.

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