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The Best Comedies for 2010

The year 2010 has not ended yet. In fact, there are more months to go before the gift-giving and the year-end sales start at the malls. But you can now list hundreds of movies that truly lifted the spirits of the viewers with laughter.

If you think that Jim Carrey is the only actor that gives the best comedic stints, better think again. There are so many movies that can be considered as the best comedy 2010. Adam Sandler and his Happy Madison crew have just released their witty movie entitled Grown Ups. If it’s Adam Sandler then it definitely is a good movie, don’t you think?

And you could ever forget about Zoolander’s Ben Stiller? In July 2010, his “Little Fockers” was released in cinemas. Now Robert Deniro and the rest of the family are now dealing about various family issues such as divorce, death, and other realities in a very comical way. Ben Stiller also had another funny movie last March called “Greenberg” where he played as a bum New Yorker. The latter took the second spot in the top comedy movies in 2010 by people who voted online.

Whether he is doing a stand-up or just another guy in a comedy movie, he would surely rock the house down once he started his skits. Chris Rock starred at the movie “Death at a Funeral” where it talks about the funeral shenanigans in their African-American family.

But here’s another movie that would surely become part of the best comedy 2010 even if they do nothing, just their own “jackass” thing. People are now dying to see Johnny Knoxville’s new movie with the rest of the gang. Part of their Jackass movie and TV series now comes the Jackass 3-D. Now, everyone can get a taste of how Knoxville feels since this movie is a whole different experience compared to the other Jackass shows.

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