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Songs About Growing Up For Pop Music Fans

There are many songs about growing up these days, so selecting a handful is no easy task. Whether you are working on a presentation, trying to choose a song for graduation, or simply want a song to help you through times of change, you may find this list helpful. It is a list of pop songs that cover many ‘growing up’ issues. From coming to the end of a chapter in your life and starting another, to having a wish-list for when you grow up, and everything in between, it is all here.

  1. Pop – Britney Spears – I’m Not A Girl, Not Yet A Woman – As the title suggests, the lyrics talk about this transition from girlhood to womanhood.
  2. Pop Punk – The Maine – Growing Up – This song reminisces about being young, but also questions “what will we do now, after graduation?”. It is full of positive messages such as ‘we’re in this together’, but it really drives the point that ‘Growing Up Won’t Bring Us Down’.
  3. Pop – Taylor Swift – Never Grow Up – This song tells the story of a girl’s life. When she is 14, she can’t wait to grow up, get a place of her own, be in charge of her own life. Then she has grown up and is living in her own apartment in the city. She misses her childhood and wished she hadn’t grown up.
  4. Pop – Pussycat Dolls – When I Grow Up – Every kid has their own list of wishes for when they grow up. This is one such list. It includes things like wanting to see the world and wanting to be famous.
  5. Alternative – Imogen Heap – Speeding Cars – This song was featured in the Graduation episode of the OC. To me, this seemed a great choice. The song can be interpreted as leaving a part of your life while you enter another. As well, Imogen’s voice is one of a kind.
  6. Rock – J Minus – Time To Grow Up – This is quite a sad, pessimistic song. The singer feels life is just not what it was portrayed to him and his dreams are starting to rust.
  7. Pop – Vitamin C- Graduation (Friends For Ever) – No list of pop songs about growing up would be complete without Vitamin C. The lyrics are perfect for finishing a chapter in life and moving on to another

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