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Secret Men’s Dating Technique #7 – The Art of Disqualification

This lesson will teach you all about disqualification. Disqualifying yourself to a girl basically means putting up a barrier, a reason you guys can’t talk or whatever, between you and a girl. Use disqualifiers right away to get her to like you.

Barriers (disqualifiers) are awesome at creating attraction. Go check out some romance books, romantic movies or even Shakespearean love sonnets. in all of them, you’ll find a reason why the man and woman main characters can not be together.

Barriers also make it possible to “escalate” your interaction with the girl. As an experiment, go out and tell a chick you want to have sex with her before kissing her and then tell a different one you’re not going to have sex with her before you try to kiss her. I will bet you can guess which one will work and which one won’t.

Make sure that the disqualifiers you give are always able to be overcome in some way. One great disqualifier is saying to a girl that you never date women you meet in clubs. A not so good disqualifier is telling a woman that you’re a homo! If you’re gay, she can’t get over that hump. Your disqualifiers must be easy enough for girls to overcome.

When using disqualifiers, make sure that the woman knows that you are flirting with her. After you use a disqualifier, if she thinks you don’t like her, you are doing it totally wrong.

Another thing to remember is that once you use a disqualifier, immediately move on to the next topic. Don’t sit there and have a 20 minute conversation about why you don’t date girls you meet in bars. Only stay on the topic if you want to escalate the interaction.

You can escalate the interaction by combining a disqualifier with some sexually suggestive or escalation comments. One of my favorites is “Its really too bad that i don’t know you well enough to tell you what I’m thinking at the moment”.

When disqualifying, remember to keep smiling and you may also want to kino or touch her at the same time in order so that she knows that she still has a chance to get you.

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