Online Startup Business: 3 Step Plan to Learn Prospect Mindreading (Yes, It’s Legal!)

In one of my previous articles I explained what kind of things you should find out about your competition and now it’s time to dig into the minds of your prospect. Here is my 3 Step Plan to do that the easy way.

Doing research isn’t sexy and it definitely isn’t always fun, either, but it’s absolutely crucial for a small business in order to increase profits while decreasing the work.

Step 1: Determine who your prospect is

Be very precise with details: man or woman (let’s pretend you choose to speak to a woman)? How old? Where does she live – small town, big town, countryside, abroad? House or apartment? What size is her family? What is she interested in? What kind of movies does she watch? What’s her favourite TV-show? What about her favourite band? What kind of books does she read? Does she have hobbies? Does she vote? What is her income level? What about her education?

The more you know about her, the easier it gets to speak straight to her, using the language she understands and resonates with. By choosing your wording carefully, you can leave her with an impression that you are almost like reading her mind.

Just keep in mind you’re looking for a person with a problem she already knows she has, and which you can solve.

Step 2: Find this woman and swipe her words

Maybe you know her from social gatherings; she’s a member of the same gym as you and you have talked with her in the locker room. What did she say?

Or she may have a blog, or you find her from forums or elsewhere in social media.

When she is describing this problem, what wording does she use?

Step 3: Reaffirm your findings

Now you go back to what you found while researching your competitors, and pick the ones who seem to be talking to this same woman, and also appear to have made it big. They have very likely invested a lot of money on doing the research for you, to figure out the language that speaks to this particular group of people, so you don’t have to.

Subscribe to their list, study their website and jot down what kind of power words are they using and how do they construct their offerings. Do not try to copy them word by word, just pick up the ideas. Remember that you want to incorporate these findings with your own personal story.

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