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Music Has No Age Limit

Popular music is traditionally seen as a young person’s game – be it as consumers or performers – regardless of which genre you subscribe to. This no doubt has its roots in the earliest days of ‘teenage’ music and so-called rebellion, as young people turned away from what their parents liked and found their own identities.

While this may sound somewhat antiquated in these days of hand-held communications and technology, it is still not far from the truth of how things are. Most pop music movements began as something of a backlash by a younger generation – where many were prohibited from joining in with their elders by age or finance (or both).

Of course, the situation becomes less clear-cut as the years roll on. Many fans become parents and grandparents, so to tag music as a solely youthful product is clearly outdated. This added maturity has filtered into many areas of the industry, no longer are artists so beholden to record labels, as many go out and build their own reputation before even approaching a record label. As long as they have press release distribution and an electronic press kit that will be the start of their campaign that they can successfully create on their own.

Artists are more able to handle their own careers than ever before, especially given the many online tools that are available. However, this does not mean that professionals have no place in modern music sales, marketing, and distribution. It is like being able to put up a shelf in your home as compared to calling an expert to build an extension to your home – sometimes you just need a professional!

Either way, this maturation of the scene can be of great use to those who are on the come-up in the game. The blueprint has already been written and, with the improving documentation of past eras in video and print, there are many examples of both success and failure to draw upon.

The fact is that, while you may have a hot new sound, there is nothing really new under the sun – so why make matters harder for yourself? There is, as the saying goes, no need to reinvent the wheel. Simply do your homework and get ahead, instead of falling into the same old well-worn traps that others have done. While it is something that is seldom done, along with taking advice, you really can do yourself some favors by learning from the mistakes of others…

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