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I was definitely not one of those people that were out of the loop with the iPod craze, in fact I believe I was the ring leader! For those that live under a rock, an iPod is a product made by Apple that plays MP3s among other media depending on which iPod you have! These cool little gadgets come in different sizes as well as colors. And if you’re a trendy tech junkie then you probably have one of these, and if you don’t then you definitely need one! The very first one I bought was the iPod shuffle, it’s really small and really simple. But I just needed something to listen to my music on. The next one I got was the iPod touch. Consider the “craze” people went through for the shuffle and multiply that time 500 and you have got yourself an image of what people acted like when the iPod touch was coming out! Here’s a few stats on the different iPod’s available to you right now.

iPod Shuffle –

Five colors to choose from – silver, green, blue, pink, orange, red, purple

1 GB model & 2 GB model

up to 500 songs

Weighs 15 grams

Second generation

iPod Nano –

Five colors to choose from – pink, silver, turquoise, product red, mint green, black

4 GB & 8 GB model

4 GB holds up to 1,000 songs, 3,500 photos or 4 hours of video

Watch TV shows, movies, video podcasts and more

Third generation features 2 inch screen

iPod Classic –

Two colors to choose from – Silver & Black (older versions have other colors)

160 GB model

Holds up to 40,000 songs or up to 200 hours of video

iPod Touch –


8 GB model

Holds up to 1,750 songs, 10,000 photos, or 10 hours of video

Cool touch screen

Watch movies and TV shows, listen to music, iTunes movie rentals, Surf the web, send email and more

I love my iPod touch, it’s the best thing since white bread. As said above on the shuffle and nano, there are several different “generations” with some of these products. Lets just call it updating and leave it at that! There are also products in the Apple line up such as the Apple iPhone which is like having a TV, ipod, DVD player, phone, computer anything else you can think of, all wrapped up in one sweet little package and the Mac book air (among other macs)! The original prices for these products range from $49 for the shuffle on up to $2,799 for the Mac Pro. Fortunately for places like eBay you can buy a brand new shuffle for $18 or less and the Mac Pro for $700 or less. Sounds good, don’t it!?!

You can also check out other sites like BestBuy or Circuit City but don’t expect to beat the prices on eBay. In fact, if you want anything close to the prices eBay has the only other place you could go would be Amazon. With both of these sites you can pretty much decide if you want an Apple product, new, used or refurbished. Have fun picking the best Apple product for you!

You can also check out these non Apple products as listed below. All of these products are out, so there is no waiting around!

Philips HDD100 Digital Jukebox (15GB)

Rio Karma (20GB)

iRiver HP-100 MP3 Jukebox (10GB)

Toshiba Gigabeat (20GB)

Creative Nomad Jukebox Zen NX (20GB)

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