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Living In A Motor Home Vs Living In A House

While retirees in the US are steadily embracing a life on the road in plush motor homes, young professionals are also increasingly adopting this no-frills and location-independent way of life. In fact, these days, it is easy to find used motor homes for sale at extremely affordable prices so you need not wait till your retirement to own one. If in doubt whether you should leave the comfort of your house to embark on a recreational vehicle adventure or not, always remember that living in a rig can become far more enriching, rejuvenating and convenient than having a permanent nest.

Here are five reasons that will help you make a home on the wheels:

1. Breathtaking views at dirt-cheap price:

A house with an ocean view or amid the mountains does not come at an affordable price. However, freedom is a big part when it comes to living in a motor home. A motor home, even a used one, gives you the chance to live anywhere you want, and pick any view you desire. While you can spend one week near a lake, you can stay inside a forest for another. All you have to pay for are the parking charges.

2. Chance to work remotely:

With remote hiring on the rise, people are increasingly working from home. In fact, this also gives them the liberty to work without staying tied down to a single location. If you are a remote worker, life in a motor home is your ideal choice. You can complete your daily office tasks even when you are on an exotic vacation. What’s more? You also get to work on that spreadsheet with the setting sun bidding you goodbye. In brief, work will be less stressful and life would be nothing short of a permanent vacation.

3. Embrace a social lifestyle:

If you own a house, you are stuck to a handful of neighbors; and even if you do not like them, you have to bear up because you have to co-exist. When it comes to a motor home, you can pack and move to a different spot. As you travel, you get a chance to meet new people and make new friends.

4. Closer to nature:

Living in a motor home encourages you to come closer to nature. You get to spend more time outside. Just unlock the awning, light a campfire, set the chairs, and grill some sausages. After the meal, you can go for a hike, read a book, or lie down on some plush meadow, star-gazing with your loved one. Staying closer to nature can shape you up as a more evolved and accommodating human being.

5. A minimalist life helps save more:

In your house, you often end up stuffing those extra rooms and giant closets with things that you actually never need. When you live in a recreational vehicle, you start adopting a minimalistic lifestyle. You depend only on the bare necessities required to keep you going. Once you get rid of the extra stuff, you get to save more, and spend on things that you aspire to own, yet get to live a simple and minimalistic life.

Your next step is to contact reputed dealers who are offering used motor homes for sale. Ditch that concrete house, and embrace life on the go, alongside the immortal words of JRR Tolkien, “Not all those who wander are lost.”

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