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Led Zeppelin – Legendary Rock Performers of Yester Year

A group of youngsters in England formed a rock band of the genre of heavy metal band in October 1968. The band soon proved its mettle and had a meteoric rise in performance and popularity in the arena of rock music. Its forte was in arcane lyrics coupled with a sensation-causing play of guitars – in particular in the magical hands of Jimmy Page – amidst screaming vocals of notable singer Robert Plant.

In the world of rock music, Led Zeppelin could not sustain itself and the band was short lived. After the death of one of its founding fathers, the band was dismantled in 1980. The work of the band, though, spanning just over a decade, carved out a special niche in the history of rock music as innovators.

Who Was in the Band?

The band consisted of the following members:

1. John Bonham

2. John Paul Jones

3. Robert Plant

4. Jimmy Page

Even before being christened Lead Zeppelin, later on re-christened as Led Zeppelin, the band produced its debut album in an incredible time span of less than 30 hours. The work was so meritorious and stunning that it attracted the attention of Atlantic Records in the United States, eventually leading the band to enter into a contract with them before the end of 1968.

This early success prompted the band to undertake a tour of United States during the beginning of 1969. This unique opportunity enabled the band to release their debut album, adopting the eponymous title "Led Zeppelin." The album became so popular in US, it found a place in the top 10 of sales in the US market. During 1969 Led Zeppelin extensively toured in the US and England.

Success Came Quickly, and So Did the Albums

After the resounding success of their debut album, the band brought out another album, "Led Zeppelin-II," by the end of 1969. Quite predictably, the second album hit the market and created an unprecedented success in capturing the top slot.

In the following year, the band released its third album, entitled "Led Zeppelin-III," which was also proved to be popular. The group released an untitled album in November 1971 showcasing diverse forms of its music and unmistakably showing its fixation with folk tales and mythology of Britain. Led Zeppelin released its fifth album, breaking the box office record held by the Beatles. The band released a double album in 1975, which lived up to the expectations of the successes of its earlier albums. Their next album was released in 1979, catching the imagination of music lovers and recording the number-one position both in the US and the UK.

Always a Fan Favorite

1. Stairway to Heaven

2. Whole Lotta Love

3. Dazed and Confused

These innovators of music, soon after its formation, established themselves a worthy place in the firmament of the world of music and soon rose to astounding heights, winning a place in the hearts of millions of rock music lovers worldwide.

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