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Lady Gaga Videos Rocks the Pop World

If you’re looking for someone who is redefining music videos as we know them, look no further than Lady G. This up and coming singer has already put her mark on the industry because of her unique approaches to pop, fashion, and stardom at large. It is the Lady Gaga videos though that really make this woman stand out in the crowd. Featuring story lines fit for feature films, Lady G’s music videos take audiences on a journey through the song, rather than just a display of the lyrics. Here we will look at some of the fan favorites that have shown up over the years.

One of the Lady Gaga videos that really made it big was “Bad Romance”. Filmed in a Russian bath house, this video showcases some of the craziest costumes we’ve ever seen from Gaga, including a full white PVC cat suit and matching mask. There is also a part of the video where Lady G walks around in a fully beaded green couture dress that had matching 8 inch heels. In this video, Lady G ends up burning a man alive who had seemingly been keeping her a slave in the bath house. The last scene is nothing more than Lady G lying on a burnt bed with a skeleton by her side.

Another story telling video from Lady Gaga was made for the song “Paparazzi”. In this one, Lady Gaga is a star that ends up killed by a man she was having a relationship with. It turns out that she wasn’t dead though and she ends up poisoning that man later on in the video. This one of the Lady Gaga videos is more French than anything, but she does speak Swedish in the beginning. The outfits in this one include a figure fitting Mickey Mouse yellow suit with matching black lipstick.

The most controversial of all Lady Gaga videos though just recently came out. Made for the song “Telephone”, this video tells a Thelma and Louise type story with Lady Gaga and Beyonce. The song itself is about not answering a phone at a club, but the video brings it to a whole new level. Featuring everything from the singer clad in nothing but caution tape to a dance number for thong wearing inmates, this video literally dropped some jaws when it came out. You can’t even watch it on basic MTV because of the risqué quality of parts of it. This is just another way that Lady Gaga continues to shock us all.


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