In Living Color (Season 3) DVD Review

Nominated for 17 Emmys in its short four-year stint, In Living Color is widely considered the best skit comedy show since SNL. Created by the multitalented star Keenen Ivory Wayans (the eldest child from a large and talented family), the 30-minute TV show became an instant hit for emerging big network competitor FOX in the spring of 1990. Showcasing the talents of the Wayans family (especially blockbuster talent Damon Wayans), along with initial cast members David Alan Grier, Tommy Davidson, Kim Coles, T’keyah “Crystal” Keymah, Kelly Coffield, and Jim Carrey (who would use the show as a springboard to smash hit movie career that would begin with Ace Ventura: Pet Detective in 1994), In Living Color quickly achieved the status of TV cult icon…

Along with clever, cutting-edge writing, In Living Color featured a plethora of talented cast members who would move on to enormously successful Hollywood careers. The show’s dance troop, The Fly Girls, hired an ambitious dancer named Jennifer Lopez for the show’s final season, and Season 2 of the show involved the hire of Oscar Award-winning actor Jamie Foxx (of Collateral and Ray). For its final season, In Living Color also featured notable appearances by comedian Chris Rock. Along the way, the series would create a number of legendary recurring characters such as Homey D. Clown (Damon Wayans), Fire Marshall Bill (Jim Carrey), and Men on Film (Damon Wayans & David Alan Grier)…

In Living Color (Season 3) DVD features a number of hilarious episodes including the season premiere “Homey the Sellout: Part 2” which features comedy sketches “Pee Wee’s Adult Adventure,” “Misery II,” and the Homey D. Clown skit “Homey the Sellout” (Part 2 of 2)… Other notable episodes from Season 3 include “Green Eggs and the Guvment Cheese” which features skits “Jesse Jackson Children’s Books” and “Fire Marshall Bill,” and “Santa Fire Marshall Bill” which features skits “Great Moments in Black History” and “Homey D. Clown”…

Below is a list of episodes included on the In Living Color (Season 3) DVD:

Episode 40 (Homey the Sellout: Part 2)

Episode 41 (Men on Television Part 2: What Happened to Blaine?)

Episode 42 (Clarance Thomas’s First Day)

Episode 43 (Green Eggs and the Guvment Cheese)

Episode 44 (The Adventures of Handi-Boy)

Episode 45 (Home Alone Again)

Episode 46 (The Jackson Bunch)

Episode 47 (Late Night with Mike Tyson)

Episode 48 (Krishnia Cop)

Episode 49 (My Left Foot of Fury)

Episode 50 (Anton and the Reporter)

Episode 51 (Sidekick in Nam)

Episode 52 (Santa Fire Marshall Bill)

Episode 53 (Michael Jackson: Little Timmy’s Not My Lover)

Episode 54 (Grim Reaper)

Episode 55 (George Bush Meets Tommy Wu)

Episode 56 (Hour of Power: Preachers on Trial)

Episode 57 (The Fist That Rocks the Cradle)

Episode 58 (Club Ozone)

Episode 59 (Anton and the Green Card)

Episode 60 (Player’s Club)

Episode 61 (The Last Man on Earth)

Episode 62 (Cousin Elsee)

Episode 63 (Silly Cone)

Episode 64 (Wanda on the Dating Game)

Episode 65 (Anton Gets Rich)

Episode 66 (Michael Bolton)

Episode 67 (Bloopers)

Episode 68 (Men on Football)

Episode 69 (Homeboy Shopping Network)

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