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How to Play Jazz Piano – Be a Jazz Pianist in No Time

Jazz music is the offspring of African and European music born in the early 20th century. This is one of the most difficult music to play, however if played on a piano it helps develop and enhance playing skills.

Do you want to learn how to play jazz piano?

Here are some steps that can get you started.

1.    First, learn about scales and understand harmony. There are 12 natural minor and 12 major scales that you must know about. Don’t forget the 12 major and minor triads. It helps to be able to read music and understand its theory.

2.    Know about chord symbols and progressions and the use of seventh chords as well as chord structures.

3.    2-5-1 is the most common chord progressions as heard in jazz music. Play the chords in the key of C first followed by all the other keys. Alternate playing the chords first with the left hand while the right plays the scale and reverse.

4.    Be familiar with the rhythm by vocalizing. This helps make your music sound dynamic and lets you keep the beat.

5.    With the skills that you have learned, play a jazz tune of your choice starting with the melody then the bass and then putting them together in the end.

6.    Find out the differences in rhythm and melody by listening to a variety of this type of music. Try to play what you hear on the radio, live performances and recordings.

7.    Don’t be afraid to improvise as this is part of any learning process.

Are there any shortcuts to learning how to play jazz piano?

There is no set way to learn to play jazz piano but you’ll sure get there with practice, practice, practice.

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