Hollywood Lifestyles – Fantasy and Reality Unveiled

Hollywood is so often called La La Land, mostly because it is in Los Angles or La, but also because it is a bit of a fantasy lifestyle. The rich and famous of Hollywood are an interesting crowd of eclectic and eccentric personalities, but what is the real skinny behind all the Public Relations, Glitter and Gossip?

Well, it appears to be just an illusion, albeit a carefully orchestrated smoke and mirror magic trick of reality, as these folks live in a fake world, as fake as the characters they play and the play ground they play in on the Movie Sets. Is this a bad thing?

Well, yes and no. No, because everyone knows or should know that it is not real and Yes, because there are some people who really get into all this glitter and are fooled into thinking it is real.

Of course, we hate to blow anyone’s bubble or wake them up to reality, how dare anyone take the fantasy away from the fans.

And yet, wouldn’t you really like to know the real deal? What is really going on, what is real and what is just the biggest bunch of nonsense you ever heard? Well, if you do want to know what is behind that façade and you are wondering how must is the real deal, what the people are really like and what is really going on behind the scenes then I’d sure like to recommend a very good book to you:

“Hollywood Babylon; Hot, Unauthorized and Updated,” by Darwin Porter and Denforth Prince; Blood Moon Publishing; Hollywood, CA. 2008.

“Yep, it’s back!”

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