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Great Rock Band T Shirts – 5 Awesome Music Tee Shirts From the Seventies

The seventies was a decade that was blessed with the greatest rock bands in history at the very peak of their powers. As well as producing the best music during this era, they also brought out some of the greatest rock band t shirts that have ever been made.

Music tee shirts from the seventies were usually based around either the band's distinctive logo, the newest album cover's artwork or a graphic that had been created to represent the latest world tour.

The following great rock band t shirts all have something in common. They are all iconic representations of a rock group at the very top of their game. Please enjoy these 5 awesome music tee shirts from the seventies.

Queen News Of The World Tour

As far as I am concerned, Queen were the best group of them all. They played better than anyone else, they looked better than anyone else, and in Freddie they had the best front-man that ever lived. The News Of The World Tour was at a time when Queen literally ruled the world of rock and man did they know it. The rock band t shirts that accompanied the tour were pretty awesome as well.

Based on the News of the World album cover artwork, the design depicts a robot with one hand holding the bodies of the band members, while the other rips through the t-shirt. These are truly iconic music tee shirts.

Pink Floyd Prism T-Shirt

Many of the great rock band t shirts are based on album artwork and there are perhaps not many album covers as easily recognizable as Pink Floyd's "Dark Side Of The Moon". This t-shirt is particularly distinctive in that the famous prism is placed on a very high quality pink tee shirt, which looks absolutely stunning with a pair of jeans.

Black Sabbath Tour

Some of the rock music tee shirts from this era simply show a line up of the band, as is the case with this cool Black Sabbath shirt. This is a black t-shirt with a vintage style picture of the band's faces. Which just rocks.

Led Zeppelin Japanese Poster

Occasionally the music tee shirts will be based around a cool looking poster that was perhaps used during a tour. This Led Zeppelin t-shirt is based on a Japanese poster and has the band featured on a blue colored shirt with a modified Japanese Rising Sun flag as a backdrop.

The Who Red White Blue Tie Dyed

I have saved my personal favorite rock band t shirts to the end. This is the type of t-shirt that is based around the band's logo and this has got to be one of the best known logos of any rock group out there. I am talking about The Who's Union Jack logo and these music tee shirts totally rule.

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