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Watching free episodes of Lost is the best way to catch up on everything that has happened in the hit show without spending a dime. Fortunately there is no concern whatsoever of piracy or legal issues because the source providing the free episodes of Lost is the owner of the content: ABC (owned by Disney). On the website anyone interested in viewing a popular episode, catching up on the entire back story, or just re-watching a favorite episode can access the complete archive for free any time day or night.

In the history of television it has never been more necessary to be caught up on the complete story line of a series than for the show Lost. Known for in depth character development, surprise plot twists, and obscure historical references almost all of the episodes of Lost are critically important to the increasingly complex storyline. The fact that ABC provides access to all of the episodes of Lost for free is a wonderful thing for both fans of the show and the network itself. Because Lost is such a complicated show there are many critics that are quick to point out that the structure of the program would not work in the television era before viewers commonly had digital video recorders (DVR), online forums to discuss convoluted plot schemes, DVD availability of past seasons, and access to the complete archive of free episodes of Lost online which are available to anyone twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week.

While the writing, acting, and directing undoubtedly play significant roles in the success of the TV show there are less discussed theories explaining the popularity of the franchise that may be equally important. Perhaps the first show to fully capitalize on the entire stream of new media much of the success of Lost can be attributed to a growing cult like following that has risen from fan websites, blogs, and message boards. The shear volume of questions the show leaves unresolved begs for debate and discussion and many viewers have found peers to discuss these questions with online. The creators of Lost are fully aware of the impact the digital age has had on the success of the show and rather than fight the system (as some artist have done in the past) they have wisely decided to fully embrace it.

In the earliest stages of streaming online content original creators of television shows like Lost would be very weary of the material freely circulating around the internet for fear that it would curtail advertising revenue. The strategy has now shifted 180 degrees with the networks realizing that to keep fans interested and up to date with the latest plot line developments they should provide free content of past episodes online. This once counterintuitive strategy has proven to only help more fans embrace the show. Before the advent of readily accessible free episodes it was much more common to see potentially loyal fans throw their hands up and proclaim they are lost (lowercase “l”). The issue of losing interest in a very linear storyline type show is not exclusive to Lost and is in fact something numerous popular programs have had to deal with as television media continues to evolve. Among the various other shows that have grappled with keeping viewers with busy schedules consistently paying attention are: 24, The Apprentice, Dexter, Heroes, etc.

Regardless of whether someone is a huge fan of the show Lost or never intends on watching a single episode the progression that television has made over the last decade has been remarkable in terms of how viewing habits have changed. As technology continues to evolve there is no doubt that further innovations will only continue to affect our lives in ways that can not yet even be imagined. While the latest news of the day is that ABC is willingly posting free episodes of Lost on their website the future will bring about even more cutting edge entertainment ideas that we can all look forward to.

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