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Forget Buying Your Favorite Artist’s Digitally Enhanced Songs and Album, Make Your Own!

Today’s pop singers have so many digital enhancements in all of their songs, that for many artists if they actually had to sing their songs live and not lip sync with what was produced in a studio, many of the artist’s real voices would be unrecognizable, if not glass shattering and that isn’t the voice of angels I’m referring to, quite the opposite. It’s all image, gimmicks, and advertising. So go out there and make your own music, become your own pop star!

What’s that you say? You don’t play any musical instruments? You don’t know how to read music? No problem, most pop stars today are in the same boat as you. I went to my local Best Buy and put down $60 on a music program called Magix. It gave me a library of sample music, everything from drum beats, guitar rifts, and techno rhythms. It actually says on the box, and this time it’s not just for the sale, no joke, it says Digital DJ, anyone can become a DJ, and that’s just an excerpt. The rest sounds like a 2nd graders color by numbers using Magix, the help, the instructions, the easy and user friendly features.

One thing, there is a prerequisite, you have to have ears (this may be difficult for the hearing impaired or tone deaf individuals such as my sister), with your ears you can create your own music. With this program or any other that may appeal to you more, along the same budget and services you listen to what you like and don’t like and cut and paste different sounds accordingly. I was even able to jot down some lyrics and put them to the smooth sounds I had just constructed with the program. What’s that? You have a terrible singing voice? Don’t fret my friend; nor do most pop stars today. You don’t even have to sing your lyrics to the song you are creating. You can read your lyrics slowly in any tone of voice you desire. The Magix program comes with a digital enhancer that can speed up, slow down, and change your tone from as low or as high as you want. You don’t need to worry about singing a lick, your computer will do it all for you using Magix.

About Magix: for what I wanted which was what I received for a steal I couldn’t seem to find a comparable program to even suggest. I do suggest as always doing some of your own research to get what may work best for you. The important thing is to know what’s out there and having affordable and quality tested and reviewed product information before purchasing anything.

So now that you know how to become your own pop star, what are in the cards for you? You control your own destiny. You can burn your songs to your own CDs and start handing them out to family and friends. If you are seriously brave you can upload your song and yourself if you like to your own account on or shared live with the world and let the whole planet take a listen. Many do it simply for the joy of entertaining, whether it’s for a dedication, a birthday, a special occasion of another nature, or just plain fun. Perhaps the truth is you are the next pop star waiting to happen!

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