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Effects Of Music And Its Classification

It is rightly said that “Music gives a soul to the universe, wings to the mind, flight to the imagination and life to everything.” It acts like a support system to the human mind and soul. There is music for every state of mind and occasion. It helps us to enhance our mood and give a refreshed feeling. Right from newborn children to grown adults have a liking for music. It acts like a stress buster and energizes the mood. It is a much preferred thing in a party and any social gathering and any party without it is considered dull. It is a way to express our feelings.

There are various reports of music being used as a therapy for the sick because of its healing effects and it is becoming more and more popular. A slow music gives a soothing effect to a person in pain after a surgery. An upbeat one can stimulate the brainwave and helps in increasing the concentration. Nowadays many hospitals are adopting this music therapy because of the wonderful effects it provides and there are various therapists for this purpose. It is also used for cancer patients to take their minds away from the pain they go through. It is also used for relaxation of muscles from a long stressful day. A calm music is a good way to get in meditative state of mind while doing yoga which is a great stress buster and an upbeat style gives a good effect during heavy workouts.

Music is divided into many genres.

Classical- Classical music is the most complex of all the genres and it is not easy to master this genre of. Opera and symphony fall under this category. It finds its roots from the early 1500’s.

Rock- Then comes rock music which was born in the 1950’s and that period is known as the rock and roll era. It is mostly played using the power chords and this genre is still popular and there are many rock bands playing this.

R&B- Also known as rhythm and blues which originated in 1940’s is a popular African American music consist of the blues music. There are many famous R&B musicians which have come up over a period of time.

Jazz- Jazz is more of instrumental which uses musical instruments like saxophone, trumpet or violin and of course the guitar.

Hip-hop- Hip Hop is a rhythmic music which consists of rap in between it has gained popularity in the recent years.

Indian music is also classified into two types

Carnatic music- Carnatic is also known as south Indian music as it is popular in the south of India and its roots are from the pre historic period.

Hindustani music- It is also known as the north Indian style of music originated in the early Vedic period. It has its influence from Persian and Islamic music also. Indian ghazals is one such music which is popular in Hindustan. It mainly comes from the Urdu origin but it has gained a lot of popularity in India. There are various artists who sing the Indian ghazals and it is part of Indian culture now.

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