'Cat Acts like a Customer at Meat Shop by Standing on Two Legs '

‘One must learn to cherish the beautiful moments in life before they are gone and Ikram Korkmazer from Manisa, Turkey will tell you the same. In this video, Nûrcan Korkmazer records Ikram cutting a piece of meat for a cat waiting for his food in front of the counter just like a human. He is even standing on two legs! Ikram wrote: “For six years, this kitty named Jade would act as a regular customer, wait for his turn to take a piece of meat, and go. Unfortunately, he died 3 years ago. I had his grave done. All of us at the shop miss Jade dearly.” This funny clip was caught on camera on February 15, 2018. Name: Nûrcan Korkmazer Location: Manisa, Turkey’

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