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Best New British Bands

Florence and the Machine

Led by the powerful lead singer Florence Welch, this London group was largely created to better highlight Welch’s vocals. The band has broke huge in the UK with the debut, “Lungs” reaching the number 2 position on the charts for five weeks, only being beaten by Michael Jackson. The band is big in the US as well, with several songs from the album being featured in US commercials and television shows. The band’s biggest hit, “Kiss With a Fist” has been featured in the movie “Jennifer’s Body” as well as on the TV show “Community.” The band appeals to both indie rock kids and older men and women who can hear old-school R&B and pop singers in Welch’s voice.

The Klaxons

This London indie rock bands have set the UK on fire with their indie rock music that mixes in elements of acid rave culture and techno, making them one of the most exciting and danceable new rock bands in the UK. Their song “Gravity’s Rainbow,” named after the dense Thomas Pynchon novel made them household names in the UK but they haven’t broken into the US yet as much as they would like to but with the US mainstream music turning more and more dance friendly I wouldn’t be surprised if their follow-up album made it big on this side of the pond.

The Horrors

This English rock band formed in 2005 and has been making huge waves in the UK and in the US with their dark, gothic garage punk music. You can tell by their band name that the band is into the darker side of life and it shows in their album songs and titles, like “Sheena Is a Paraside” and “Death at the Chapel.” Their first record gained them a lot of good press and shows in the UK but it wasn’t really until their second album that they made it big in the US with its huge step forward in sound and maturity, with the band still as dark as ever, but not as comically so. Look out for The Horrors to continue to grow and only get better.

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