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Bands Like My Chemical Romance You Need To Know About!

Paramore – Fronted by the little red head with the huge voice, this unsuspecting band have slowly taken over. Not a surprise since their albums are chock-a-block with high energy super catchy songs. But it’s not just mindless hooks. Vocalist Hayley Williams has a unique talent for writing heart-felt lyrics that connect on a deeper level with their audience. The weighty drums of Zac Farro and the fiery octave driven guitars pack a punch that leave even the most tired souls satisfied.

Signature tune – ‘Misery Business’. A tune depicting two girls at logger heads over the same guy. The cat fight starts to get nasty with the lyrics “But when I thought he was mine she caught him by the mouth“.

Red Jumpsuit Apparatus – RJA could be labelled as the good guys of modern rock. Vocalist Ronnie Winter has a boyish vocal style that can suddenly turn shockingly demonic at the drop of a hat. Not only a band that can rock out with the best of them, RJA have organised numerous charity gigs to raise funds for charity’s such as the National Coalition Against Domestic Violence to name only one.

Signature tune – ‘Guardian Angel’. Although 99% of RJA’s songs are rockers, I don’t think anyone could argue that the ballad ‘Guardian Angel’ isn’t their finest moment. The song begins with a nursery rhyme kind of sweetness that suddenly bolts like a stallion into the utterly soul baring “Please tell me you’ll stay… “.

Taking Back Sunday – If Red Jumpsuit Apparatus are the good guys of modern rock then Taking Back Sunday must be the bad! No boyish charm here, TBS have more in common with that Mick Jagger type rock ‘n roll swagger than anything else. The band have only released a handful of albums but have gone through more line up changes than a football team.

Signature tune – ‘Make Damn Sure’. The opening hiss of breath that opens this track perfectly sets up the tone for a song that seems to say ‘If I can’t have you then no-one else can’. And just when you think the tension is relenting Adam Lazarro screams “I just wanna break you down so badly, In the worst way“.

Good Charlotte – Is it rock… is it electronic… no it’s er Good Charlotte. A hard band to pigeon hole, Good Charlotte seem like a group who like to play with every toy in the studio. One song rocks harder than their contemporaries, one makes you cry, and the next makes you feel like your in a dodgy night club. But that’s the beauty of Good Charlotte, there’s always a surprise waiting around the corner.

Signature tune – ‘Keep your hands off my girl’. A stuttering distorted bass line leads into a big chunky guitar riff that’s over powered by a mosh pit friendly chorus. All the while Joel Madden delivers a steady rap vocal throughout the song without batting an eyelid.

30 Seconds To Mars – Okay not just ‘that band with the pretty boy actor’, Jared Leto has silenced the critics with an alternative rock band that’s brave enough to venture into some unusual and exciting places. The band have no qualms with leaving the safety of power chord clich├ęs behind to explore synthrock, space rock and new prog without becoming too indulgent and tiring.

Signature tune – ‘Kings an Queens’. There hasn’t been a better arena rock song written in the past decade. This song has everything, lightning bolt guitars, suspense building drum rolls, hands raised to god type vocals, and er… an eagle scream at the beginning. What more do you want!

For those of you who have been looking for some rock music similar to My Chemical Romance I hope this list has provided you with a great starting point. But keep in mind the signature tracks are just the tip of the iceberg and there are many other great tracks waiting for you on their respective albums. I hope you enjoy.

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