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A Thousand Years Sheet Music – Magical Song by Christina Perri

One does not come across something so eloquent and celebrated every time. A Thousand Years- sheet music by Christina Perri is one such song, which is likely to make any listener spellbound. In today’s times where the trend is of pop music, where the music manufacturers lead the industry, Christina Perri’s “A Thousand Years” comes across as a much awaited and welcome change.

The peaceful melody of the song begins with a mellow tune of piano and cello and gradually, more instruments waft into the song from nowhere, giving you a sense of absolute aural pleasure. The drums, bass, violins and acoustic guitar, create a memorable ensemble which weave magic even as the listener gets into the mood of A Thousand Years sheet music. The backing vocals are clear and are available inside subsequent verse as well as extend into the chorus. One also can hear the gentle male backing vocals at the back, acting as an integral part of the song.

Christina Perri’s voice is simply astounding. It is arguably the best part of “A Thousand Years”. Her soft and clear vocals can make any listener feel that he/ she is gliding over green meadows with blue skies overhead! What makes A Thousand Year sheet music special is that there seems to be virtually no trace of auto- tune in her voice, something that is relatively remarkable in today’s music industry. The violin, bass and piano supplement with each other exceptionally well and are played at the right moments during the song. In short, it raises the overall mood of the song. It can, however, be felt that the drums are a little too subdued as far as both playing style and audio levels are concerned. Not the fault of the drummer, it must have been instructed to him to play softly. I would still have preferred a lot more of cymbal works.

The typically crisp sound of bronze cymbals would have gone well with this song.

The entire structure of A Thousand Years sheet music reveals Christina Perri’s strong and dynamic character as a songwriter, composer and a singer. She has intelligently arranged and sequenced different instruments to create song’s sheet music fuller. As the second chorus ends, the singer starts with a “pre-bridge” that connects the song dedicated with the bridge itself. The singer carries on with the chorus, and the whole orchestra picks up soon.

Sounding almost like a sweet ballad, this song lasts for four minutes and fifty-one seconds and leaves a lasting impression. The use of real and acoustic instruments has made A Thousand Years sheet music sound pretty. The song, featured on Original Motion Picture Soundtrack was meant for The Twilight Saga Breaking Dawn Part 1. The song is sure to make anyone order/ rent this movie. There is certainly something in Christina’s voice, which makes everyone curious about the film. A Thousand Years sheet music is a clear example of what a superb composition and accurate song ought to appear like. The words the artist wrote could not be flawless and suitable for the whole tune and movie picture. Christina Perri’s- A Thousand Years sheet music truly is a brilliant song, which will be remembered for a long time!

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